Consumer Protection

The Firm focuses on protecting consumers like you.  Consumers are the back-bone of our economy, yet as such they are often preyed upon by big corporations via deceptive, unfair or flat-out fraudulent business practices.  Often the only way for consumers to get compensated for their losses as a result of these practices, as well as to keep otherwise unscrupulous businesses from continuing to commit these wrongful acts, is through the class action vehicle.

We give often voiceless consumers who have been wrongfully deceived by corporate greed and deprived of their money both a voice, and a sword with which to fight back. These wrongs range from false advertising, bait and switch schemes, charging for products and services that were not provided, undisclosed or hidden fees, deceptive food labeling, and more. The Firm litigates on behalf of clients like you under state and federal consumer protection laws.

If you feel that you have been the victim of fraudulent, deceptive or unfair business practices, know your rights, fight back and contact us today.

The Firm is here as your advocate.

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