No-Poach Wage Fixing Investigation

Grabar Law Office is Investigating Unlawful No-Poach Wage Fixing Agreement on Behalf of Aerospace Engineers and Skilled Professionals

Grabar Law Office is investigating an unlawful no-poach wage fixing agreement on behalf of aerospace engineers and other skilled aerospace professionals.

The U.S. Department of Justice has filed a criminal complaint accusing a former aerospace outsourcing executive of participating in a long-running conspiracy with managers and executives of several outsource engineering suppliers (Suppliers) to restrict the hiring and recruiting of engineers and other skilled laborers among their respective companies.

According to the affidavit filed in support of the criminal complaint, the executive in question upheld a conspiracy among aerospace companies not to hire or recruit one another’s employees. At times, the executive confronted and berated Suppliers who cheated on the agreement, often at the direction of another Supplier, and threatened to punish nonconforming Suppliers by taking away valuable access to projects. It is alleged that co-conspirators recognized the mutual financial benefit of this agreement — namely, a reduction in the rise in labor costs that would occur when aerospace workers were free to find new employment in a competitive environment.

You may have been damaged if, at any time between 2011 and 2019, you worked as a U.S.-based aerospace engineer, engineering technician, machinist, welder, electrician, pipe fitter, and/or millwright on outsourced engineering projects for any of the following companies in Connecticut, Vermont, Massachusetts, Illinois, Ohio, Georgia, and Florida:

(1) Pratt & Whitney (a subsidiary of Raytheon Technologies Corp.), 

(2) QuEST Global Services-Na, Inc., 

(3) Belcan LLC, 

(4) Cyient, Inc., 

(5) Agilis Engineering, Inc., or 

(6) Parametric Solutions, Inc. 

You may be able to recover damages and potentially a court approved incentive award if appropriate. 

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Joshua H. Grabar

Joshua H. Grabar

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