In Re: Generic Pharmaceuticals Pricing Antitrust Litigation, 2:16-md-2724-CMR (E.D.Pa.)

Grabar Law Office acts as local counsel to Self-Insured Schools of California in antitrust class action alleging that generic drug manufacturers with conspired to fix and raise prices for numerous generic drugs, forcing consumers to pay artificially inflated prices for the medications they rely on, many of which have seen price increases of over 1000% in just over the course of the past few years, without any underlying shortage in raw material or increase in demand.

Presently, the multidistrict litigation pending in the Eastern District of Pennsylvania alleges that generic drug manufacturers fixed prices of at least 18 generic drugs. These increases drew the attention of regulators in 2014 (by Bernie Sanders and Elijah Cummings) and resulted in numerous civil and criminal investigations.  In 2016, one generic drug manufacturer reportedly sought leniency from the U.S. government for its role in a generic drug price-fixing conspiracy.  Two former pharmaceutical executives pleaded guilty to criminal charges of price-fixing, while the U.S. Attorney General and twenty state attorneys general filed lawsuits alleging price-fixing among generic drug manufacturers.

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